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The BNS Approach

We offer a science-led technique to ensure treatment success. Through our proprietary formula, we analyze your spill to precisely calculate the recommended treatment time, number of application cycles, and volume of Microbiate SG™ required. Whether your affected area is in situ or ex situ, big or small, let us take the guesswork completely out of your process and ensure you peace-of-mind when dealing with those tough, problematic spills.

(CC/SV) x T x (DO/ORP) x ST = Microbiate SG™ Dosage

Site Volume (SV); Contamination Concentration (CC); Temperature (T); Dissolved Oxygen (DO); Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP); Soil Type (ST)

Degradation of Hydrocarbons

Microbiate SG™ is an environmentally friendly, natural product that returns land to its natural state without the high costs associated with other remediation methods. Microbiate SG™ cleans spills, rather than simply relocating them.

Typical remediation rates using Microbiate SG™ are displayed above. Heavy oils (engine, hydraulic and crude oil, etc.) require a longer period of time to remediate as opposed to lighter hydrocarbons such as diesel or gasoline. Temperature, moisture, soil type, and oxygenation influence remediation rates; please refer to technical data sheets to enhance the remediation process.

Microbiate SG™ Product Selection Guide

For a more detailed product selection guide, click here.

Product Number MB-100 MB-101 MB-103 MB-104
Product Weight (Microbes only) 272 g 1.36 kg 20.4 kg 20.4 kg (15 1.36 kg packages)
Approximate Spill Volume 1-5 L 15-30 L 225-750 L 225-750 L
Product Coverage Treats area up to 0.43 m3 (15.1 ft3) Treats area up to 2.1 m3 (74.1 ft3) Treats area up 31.75 m3 (1121 ft3) Treats 15 areas, each up to 2.1 m3 (74.1 ft3)
Approximate Surface Area (On average) 0.5 m2 (5 ft 2) 2.5 m2 (25 ft2) 7.5 m2 (375 ft2) Treats 15 areas, each up to 2.5 m2 (25 ft2)