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The BNS Approach

We offer a science-led technique to ensure treatment success. Through our proprietary formula, we analyze your spill to precisely calculate the recommended treatment time, number of application cycles, and volume of Microbiate SG™ required. Whether your affected area is in situ or ex situ, big or small, let us take the guesswork completely out of your process and ensure you peace-of-mind when dealing with those tough, problematic spills.

(CC/SV) x T x (DO/ORP) x ST = Microbiate SG™ Dosage

Site Volume (SV); Contamination Concentration (CC); Temperature (T); Dissolved Oxygen (DO); Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP); Soil Type (ST)

Degradation of Hydrocarbons

Microbiate SG™ is an environmentally friendly, natural product that returns land to its natural state without the high costs associated with other remediation methods. Microbiate SG™ cleans spills, rather than simply relocating them.

Typical remediation rates using Microbiate SG™ are displayed above. Heavy oils (engine, hydraulic and crude oil, etc.) require a longer period of time to remediate as opposed to lighter hydrocarbons such as diesel or gasoline. Temperature, moisture, soil type, and oxygenation influence remediation rates; please refer to technical data sheets to enhance the remediation process.

Microbiate SG™ Packaging

Product Size 272 g 1.36 kg 20.4 kg (15) 1.36 kg
Product No. MB-100 MB-101 MB-103 MB-104
Product Coverage 0.42 m3 – 15 ft3 2.1 m3 – 75 ft3 31.75 m3 – 1121 ft3 31.75 m3 – 1121 ft3