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PGP4™ and PGP2R™ are agricultural bio-stimulants derived from all-natural microbes. 

  • Up to 30% increase in plant volume
  • Up to 30% increase in yield
  • Enhanced applied fertilizer efficiency
  • Increased resistance to bacterial and fungal pathogens
  • Enhanced soil ecosystem
  • Water soluble mix to form concentrate
  • Soil, agricultural crops, greenhouses, home use
  • Drought tolerance
  • Increases size of root bulb which enhances moisture uptake

Fostering plant growth from seed germination to plant maturity by influencing the following factors:

  • Improves metabolic efficiency to increase yield and enhance crop quality
  • Increases plant tolerance to and recovery from stressors
  • Facilitates nutrient uptake, absorption, and use
  • Enhances produce characteristics, including sugar and nutrient content, colour, size, etc.
  • Decreases use (cost) of fertilizers
  • Enhances soil fertility, by promoting the development of a healthy soil ecosystem.
  • Environmentally friendly, natural products that are complementary to crop nutrition

*nutrient sources (reduced) are to be used in conjunction with PGP4™ and PGP2R™

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