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Our In Situ Microbiate™ products have been developed to provide end users significant savings over traditional and costly “Dig & Dump” remediation methodology, while providing a much more aggressive and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon remediation solution.

  • In Situ hydrocarbon remediation vs. soil removal and replacement
  • 30% – 50% cost savings vs. traditional “Dig & Dump” methods
  • BNS “Dig & Dump” Estimator Tool
  • BNS proprietary microbes activate and aggressively operate in a wide range of temperatures and climates (.01 C – 49 C)
  • BNS microbes require 30% less moisture to activate and operate
  • Unlimited treatment area
  • Hydrocarbon breakdown offers back to the environment Hydrogen, Oxygen and trace amounts of CO2

Bioremediation Products

Microbiate SG

Microbiate SG™

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Microbiate HS

Microbiate HS™

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