BioNorth Solutions provides the following services and products:

Tailings Mitigation

We create customized solutions to mitigate tailings during the mining process or as part of an environmentally-friendly mine closure plan, meeting environmental standards.


On-site Spill Remediation Kits

On-site treatment is provided by stimulating the natural bacteria to increase degradation of the hydrocarbons by adding additional nutrients to the soil.


Microbial Profiling

A knowledge of the indigenous microbes on your site is integral to implementing a bioremediation plan. BioNorth Solutions will analyze the naturally occurring on site microbial activity specific to your contamination problem.


On-site Large Scale Hydrocarbon Remediation

BioNorth Solutions specializes in the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination in soils, sands and gravels.


Wastewater and Sludge Treatment

We sample the wastewater or sludge to identify possible contaminants if not already identified; then isolate microorganisms with the ability to degrade the toxic components. We then stimulate them via their biochemical pathways to degrade the toxic chemicals at accelerated rates.


Bioremediation Plans for Environmental Compliance

We develop strategic plans for the bioremediation of a wide variety of contaminants and we can draw up a plan for you.


Current Projects:


hydrocarbon Spill kits

Whether you have spill on site or need to take preventative measures, BioNorth Solutions innovative kits can help you. Purchase on site oil spill kits which can be used by industries and individuals alike to treat small oil spills ranging from 1-5 m3. All kits contain a unique bioactive additive of safe naturally occurring bacteria which can bio degrade a wide variety of hydrocarbons.

The Science of Bioremediation

Hydrocarbon Eating Microbes


Oil contains hydrocarbons, which are made up of varying amounts of carbon and hydrogen

The microbes break apart the hydrocarbons and combine them with oxygen to create water and carbon dioxide.

Microbes are introduced to the contaminated area, which then begin feeding on the hydrocarbons.


is needed for the chemical reaction.

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bioremediation can work for your organization.