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Science Based

Science Based

Environmentall Focused

Environmentally Focused

Solutions Driven

Solutions Driven

Our Science Led Process

The BNS Approach will uncover all the relevant information associated with a remediation project, whether in situ or ex situ. The BNS team will review the parameters of the project to determine if bioremediation is a suitable option for a site, and determine the best approach application.

(CC/SV) x T x (DO/ORP) x ST = Microbiate SG™ Dosage

Site Volume (SV); Contamination Concentration (CC); Temperature (T); Dissolved Oxygen (DO); Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP); Soil Type (ST)

Research Development



Data Collection


The BNS Approach

Global Marketing




Reclamation of Land

Reclamation of Land

Research and Development

Proudly co-founded by two female entrepreneurs driven by a passion for microbiology, our focus here at BNS has always been to solve our globe’s soil and agricultural crisis.

In Development Since 2014

We work tirelessly to develop and perfect our microbes, and are constantly striving to improve and create new products to promote plant and soil health. Since 2014, we have built our reputation on innovation through research.

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Our Core Values


Working and learning together, and developing partnerships to enhance our impact and reach common goals are essential to our business.

Our Core Values


We thrive on providing simple solutions to complex industry and agriculture problems.

Our Core Values


Simply put, we love everything about microbial science. We are committed to serious research and development, as evidenced by our 6-year product development journey prior to introducing our product to the market.

Our Core Values


We cherish our environment, and recognize the challenges our world faces today. We work hard to find innovative and creative ways to effectively solve our planet’s problems.

Our Core Values


We take our responsibility seriously, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow industry members, the Government, First Nations, and all who work tirelessly as stewards of our land.

BioNorth Solutions is proudly woman-owned.

We are a Certified Women-Owned Business under WEConnect International.

BioNorth Solutions is led by two women scientists and entrepreneurs, who are shaking up the industry of remediation and agricultural growth applications. We are positively positioned to benefit your ESG with our innovative, sustainable solutions and diverse team.

Our Value Proposition

  • Our microbes activate and vigorously operate in a wide range of temperatures and climates (.01°C – 49°C)
  • Products contain multiple and complimentary strains of bacteria to increase efficacy
  • 30% less moisture required to activate and operate compared to other microbes available on the market, helping you to save money, energy, and emit less waste.
  • We develop and maintain lasting relationships with experts all over the world who help contribute to the research, innovation, and testing of this science. We currently have relationships with many agronomists, engineers, and contractors globally.

Our Case Studies

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Our Customers

BNS is proud to work with the following organizations:

Newmont Goldcorp

City of Thunder Bay












Wasaya Airways





AV Jet


Impala Canada


Harte Gold Corp


MMKL Group