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Microbiate HS™

We are an absorbent product that specializes in hydrocarbon spills as the microbes degrade the hydrocarbon. Applied on any hard surface area where a liquid spill has occurred. Benefits of Microbiate HS™ compared to the leading granular products include:
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

  • Increased efficacy for less product: 5 lbs. Microbiate HS™ is as effective as 40 lbs. of leading granular products. This way, you save money through reduced shipping costs!
Time Savings

Time Savings

  • Absorbs spills within minutes
  • Can be easily swept away and disposed of
Eco Friendly


  • BNS microbes biodegrade the existing hydrocarbons, leaving the environment permanently cleaner
  • Its lightweight formula reduces waste

It’s easy! Microbiate HS™ instructions for use:

  • Locate the spill area
  • Apply Microbiate HS™ directly to and around the spill
  • Allow Microbiate HS™ to sit for 5 minutes to completely absorb spill
  • Sweep Microbiate HS™ off of the spill location
  • Dispose of Microbiate HS™ – We recommend doing this in an approved watertight container to assist in the biodegradation process