BioNorth Solutions – Natural Solutions for the Environment

BioNorth Solutions provides an innovative, natural solution for remediation of waste. Contamination is a problem in many areas, the most environmentally conscious way to solve this problem is to utilize the organisms growing naturally in the same environment to remove contaminants. This solution is harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Environmental contamination is of great focus in the world today. Mining creates drainage which can be toxic to the environment, oils drain into parking lots and work areas day after day. Governments require companies to be proactive in planning to avoid contamination. Mining, construction and forestry are of considerable focus to both the public and government agencies; thus, being proactive of environmental maintenance is less expensive and better for the environment. Contaminated land extends into the soil, water and air. This ultimately can affect plants, animals and communities. Companies and agencies need an inexpensive, environmentally conscious solution to these issues.

Historically, contamination has been addressed by adding chemicals, covers of water or soil, or filtration. Chemicals can be harmful themselves, not to mention expensive. Covering contamination often does just that: covers the problem, but doesn’t address it. Filtration can be effective, but if performed passively requires a large amount of space; active filtration requires the expense and maintenance to change filters. Bioremediation is the process of utilizing microbes to rid pollutants from a contaminated site, a cost effective strategy in which to clean up environmental contamination. Firstly, clean up is performed on site; microbes are added directly to the contaminated site, therefore eliminating the cost of removal and/or disposal of soils or water. Secondly, it is likely there will be effective microorganisms existing on site. Using microbiological knowledge to enhance the activity of what is already present can also decrease costs. Lastly, by not using harsh chemicals or other methods for cleaning of contaminated areas the cost of cleaning up the “clean-up” is eliminated.

Tailings Mitigation

BioNorth Solutions can create customized solutions to mitigate tailings during the mining process or as part of an environmentally-friendly mine closure plan, meeting environmental standards. Mitigation of tailings will require an initial short term study of the bacterial population in the site suitable for remediating the tailing toxicity, followed by a treatment regime over a period of several months. During this time, bacteria will be biostimulated to increase the mitigation process. The process will end with a unique bacterial population as a long term sustainable remediation with very limited monitoring and treatments into the future. Similarly, the same knowledge will be used to create customized plans for the treatment of tailings and mine sites upon closure. The plan will be drawn up based on estimated quantity and chemical consistency of tailings, along with potential microorganisms present. Together with BioNorth Solutions, we can give mining a greener side and promote mining in the Northern Ontario and abroad by leaving a more neutral footprint.

Cyanide remediation of old tailings for re-extraction of metals

Old tailings leftover from previous mining activities often still contain valuable metals. BioNorth Solutions can provide a cost-effective solution to remediate the cyanide in a safe, eco-friendly method. The tailings will firstly be analysed for cyanide concentrations and bacteria with the ability to degrade cyanide will be identified. These bacteria will be further stimulated and populations enhanced to increase the natural biodegradation of cyanide at an alkaline pH. Once the cyanide is consumed by the bacterial populations, bacteria will die off and the tailings are ready to be re-extracted. The length of time for the complete bioremediation process will depend on the volume of tailings to be treated and the environment in which the tailings exist. With help from BioNorth Solutions, mining wastes can become new treasure troves putting more money into your pockets!

On-site Large Scale Hydrocarbon Remediation

BioNorth Solutions specializes in the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination in soils, sands and gravels. In this process, the hydrocarbon site will be first sampled for naturally occurring bacteria which can biodegrade the hydrocarbons to neutral by-products. The site will then be treated in situ by stimulating the natural bacteria to increase degradation of the hydrocarbons by adding additional nutrients to the soil. The site may also be enhanced by BioNorth Solutions local species collection of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria to further enhance the decomposition, if required.  This is a long term strategy; once the site is remediated the bacteria will lay dormant. If concurrent spills occur, the bacteria will be stimulated once again to decompose the hydrocarbons with little assistance.

Wastewater and sludge treatment

The BioNorth Solutions process can be used to cost-effectively treat a wide variety of wastewaters or sludge created as a by-product of industry. Our process offers an environmentally-friendly means to an end. Instead of storing wastewaters and sludge in above ground pools, confined disposal facilities (CDF’s) or paying to regularly discharge wastewaters with a wastewater treatment plant; BioNorth Solutions can help create an on site treatment using bioremediation. This process also has the potential to simultaneously create value-added products depending on the wastewater or sludge composition; as well as the bacterial by-product production. In this process, BioNorth Solutions will sample the wastewater or sludge to identify possible contaminants if not already identified; then isolate microorganisms with the ability to degrade the toxic components. These microorganisms will be enhanced by other species in the BioNorth collection and biostimulation to degrade the toxins in the waste ultimately neutralizing the waste for discharge. The solution will be optimized for the site depending on the quantity and types of wastes. Together with BioNorth Solutions, we can help your industry become green increasing their promotion in the community and their ability to meet environmental standards!

In situ Spill Remediation Kits

Whether you have spill on site or need to take preventative measures, BioNorth Solutions innovative kits can help you! Here at BioNorth , we are currently creating general oil spill kits which can be used by industries and individuals alike to treat small oil spills from 1- 5 m3. All kits will contain a unique bioactive additive of safe naturally occurring bacteria which can co-degrade a wide variety of hydrocarbons. It also contains BioNorth Solutions’ secret, natural, bacteria-stimulating ingredient which is completely organic. The kit will also come with simple instructions on how to treat it yourself. Check back here soon for more updates on our newly developing product!

Bioremediation plans for environmental compliance

If you need an aggregate permit for moving aggregate we can help! BioNorth Solutions develops strategic plans for the bioremediation of a wide variety of contaminants and we can draw up a plan for you. BioNorth Solutions customized bioremediation plans can make passing your environmental assessment a breeze!