Soil Cell Remediation with Bacteria

BioNorth Solutions was contracted to perform a feasibility study of microbial remediation of a remote site contaminated with diesel fuel.  A portion of the site had previously been treated by an outside consultant chemically with no results.
In a laboratory setting, BioNorth Solutions established 8 small soil cells, including controls.  Four were treated with Microbiate bacteria and two with minor soil amendments.  Moisture was maintained at an appropriate level and soil cells were mixed bi-weekly.

Bacteria was detected to be growing strongly within the soil after 30 days for both the chemically treated and untreated samples.  Testing showed that the soil samples that were not previously treated with chemicals reacted outstandingly and dropped below environmental regulatory standards, while the sample that was previously chemically treated was also working its way to remediation.

After 60 days, the samples were again analyzed and showed excellent cell survival.  It is apparent that the total hydrocarbons for both the chemically treated and untreated soils remediated to levels below environmental standards, and continue to degrade.