Lakeshore Property Project: Heating Fuel Remediation and Resale

Project Site: 2010 Lakeshore Drive
Start Date: May 10, 2015
Completion Date: Sept 31, 2015

Project Synopsis:

In 2005, a heating fuel tank at the backside of the house (shown left) leaked approximately 850 gallons onto the property. Contaminated soils on the property around the house were exacted to remove the fuel oil. In spring 2015 BioNorth Solutions began investigation into residual fuel oil (if any) remaining on the property. Sampling of soil and ground water is currently undergoing from 12 wells.

TBT Engineering Environmental Services completed remediation of the soils in the Fall of 2015 along the driveway. All soil and water tests on the property came back clear after remedial activities.

The house on the property was also fully renovated by BioNorth Solutions and the property is currently under a pending sale.