Algae Wastewater Cleaning Technology Development

Project Start Date:  December 5th, 2015
Project Completion:  Phase 1 March 31st 2016, Phase 2 August 2017

BioNorth Solutions is partnering with the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre, Canada Malting Company, Centre for Economic Development Canada and the National Research Council of Canada to develop technology for the cleaning of malt wastewater with microalgae for the combined benefit of high-value algal products.

BioNorth Solutions role is to build a lab scale photobioreactor, running, and analyzing the reactor for the development of a scalable algal wastewater cleaning technology.

Phase 1:  Involved the lab-scale testing of algae for growth and cleaning of malt wastewater while utilizing the industries carbon dioxide emission gas.

Phase 2: Involved the up-scaling of different algae strains to an 80L photobioreactor to optimize algal biomass for increased value-added products while simultaneously cleaning the wastewater in large-scale.